Social Media

Social media, You can knock them if you will, but, I see it as an important personal growth meter, as a fact! Let me explain my reasoning for this perspective… and also passing along a note of encouragement!

While journeying back and reflecting through my Facebook Page I arrived at 2009, to the time when I signed up for my account. I was simply perusing the comments and statements I’d previously posted and as I was reading them now, all I could do was simply and humbly shake my head, with a smile of amazement, at my personal mental growth.

With careful observance of the mind changing process and its intrinsic workings… while going through each section 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and acknowledging to myself how much more, my thinking process has advanced and how it is leading me into a keener clarification of my awareness of the illusion. This reasoning process which is continually positioning me and giving a positive confirmation of my decision in choosing to break away from the negative and non productive and even dangerous system, which I now see as the enemy of life and creative freedom!

If this personal experience has led me to share one thing, it is to encourage others to keep continually questioning and examining everything, everything that you have ever learned, thought and believed to be true! Examine it well!

Just keep and maintain a ‘becoming aware’ attitude, keep your eyes, ears and your mind open, observing occurrences and situations, have a continuity of thinking things through from all sides and making your evaluations according to your good sense and meditate on having a sincere conscience for discernment…

Always remember, It is OK to change your mind… as you grow, things that you previously learned to be the truth will fall away as unnecessary and useless, becoming cataloged as the foolishness which it was!

I encourage you to use due diligence in everything you choose to pursue. The universe is yours to explore….