About Pete Bragg

I am a simple man, an egalitarian… seeing everyone as equal. I am anarchist as I do not honor or recognize any Archons as having any jurisdiction over me or my sustenance. I am agnostic, but am considered atheistic… I cannot claim that which I do not have proof of, either way! From my perspective all governments and religions are seductive and extremely poisonous to humanity.

I seek out truths and actualities with an investigative intuition. I rely on my conscience, my good senses and reasoning of a scientific approach for getting to the truth! I have been proven to be open minded and flexible and have the ability to change my mind concerning the rudiments and fundamentals of society… which have always been taken as truth at face value by unlearned masses which have been indoctrinated by these poisonous religions and governmental education systems!

I will leave room to edit this, as my life is daily changing! I am making an attempt to live this life that I live, one ‘Now’ at a time and am determined to establish a better way for my progeny and the inhabitants of this society!
Pete Bragg

6 thoughts on “About Pete Bragg

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    • Thank you brother, I’m still trying to learn this stuff concerning the web page and then perhaps I can focus on some real activism! Gotta get this web Site set up! 🙂

      • Maybe you should seek professional help? lmao…came out wrong…I mean seek professional help regarding your “web site” set up…

      • Freudian slip… But I love you anyway, my brother! It is not in the cards at the moment! I am usually a quick study on most things! Just trying to get everything correlated is my main concern, at this time! I have confidence that it will all work out, things always have a way of working themselves out if you have patience and don’t force things, like square pegs into round holes. 🙂

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