Developing our Quest

The definition of the word question is based on the its root word ‘quest’. Quest as well as Its sister word ‘query’ comes from the Latin base of quaerere, ‘to seek, look for or desire’.

From my perspective and opinion, In the core of our being lies an inert hunger and/or thirst which desires to know reality and is earnestly seeking to trek past the illusions which limit our universal and personal creativity.

There is, as well as it should be, a natural prompting for humans to question everything that we have ever been taught. A constant weeding out of false concepts and principles which hinder our natural inherent life, the real life force which energizes us into imagining and performing the basic creative functions of this life.

We are naturally inquisitive. The small children growing into their consciousness, ask questions, in their toddler stage it seems to begin. Even from birth the flailing of the arms and legs are reaching out and pursuing their expanding consciousness and a grasp for more.

After discovering their face, toes and everything within their limited perimeters and short time of struggling with the primary stages of walking,talking and discovering their belly button, their interaction escalates on a wider magnitude. A commencement and an incessant journey begins. Their verbal questioning covering most everything that occurs through out an average day.  These youngsters ask their questions and many times these questions are just slothed off by us advanced beings, their guardians and keepers, because it seems so trivial. Although it may seem trivial to us, there is nothing unimportant about these inquiries as we don’t realize the perimeter which they are setting for the long haul of the journey of their personal quest!

How many times were we guilty of ignoring the questions or making up silly answers, because we were so busy with the mundane things of our lives and assumed the thought these small peoples questions were foolish and sometimes because, we didn’t have the answers and we couldn’t or didn’t want to expend the energy and time to look it up?

We are responsible for the total welfare of these children, our progeny and we should be humbling ourselves and seeking the answers with them. Not all, if any of their questions are irrelevant or foolish. Perhaps we have been the foolish ones, who were too busy or lazy to assist them in their expansion of consciousness!

It is obvious to me, that this type of situation is how many myths and foolish superstitions have been ingrained into our society. People who honestly don’t have the answers, just make something up, to appease these young inquisitive minds!

Choosing a path, a quest for reality is a difficult one, as this constant and continuous demand for adapting to change is a perpetual deconstruction and construction process, ripping up the old foundations of half truths and fables which seeds were planted into our minds at such an early time of development!

I am on a quest myself and I harbor no ill will towards those who allowed me to be sequestered, conditioned and programmed mercilessly by a system of avarice and manipulation. I know now, that I must continue my quest for knowledge and reality. I must unleash myself from the restraints which have kept me enslaved to a system of slavery!

Hopefully, I can assist the new generation to pursue an instruction of their own design by suggesting to them that they question everything and everybody and seek peace and harmony for mankind and that anything that doesn’t follow that pursuit should be culled out and eliminated from their character and being!
Respectfully submitted, As always, I reserve the creative right to make adjustments as necessary!

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