The Legacy of a Paradigm

A wise individual will try building an honorable legacy. Securing that legacy and placing it into the hands of others who will respect it and cherish it… This purpose is mostly why I am launching my writing career at 60 years of age. Leaving a paradigm of a free thinker to my progeny might be the only thing I have to give.

But, I must say it is exciting at my age to venture into such an endeavor and bringing a new sense of being into my life. The undertaking of such a challenge, of taking an opportunity to research and clarify my personal paradigm has a peculiarity to it. I enjoy the exhaustive searching and researching, delving into such a wide variety of subjects that are proving to be a necessity for balancing my perspectives.

Making my attempt of fitting my perspectives as neatly as possible, into a harmonious composition for a realistic prototype of life. It is causing a rejuvenating effect to my mind and in all actuality adds a more passionate sense of purpose into my life. I’ve enjoyed allowing my consciousness to run wild with free thinking and expanding my life in multiple ways, reaching far beyond my previous comprehension levels.

While in the process of writing, I’m growing adept to sifting through a tremendous amount of the information from a wide variety of available resources. Reasonably culling out any sources which lead to dead ends and subjectively eliminating those sources and theories which are lacking proper evidence or lacking acceptable authenticity and are merely hyperbole or embellishments for sensationalism to generate an audience, while sacrificing the truth.

Being thankful for the personal computer and most especially the internet! In my opinion the World Wide Web is undoubtedly the single most technological advancement, for extending the current expansion of consciousness, for the benefit of mankind! Considering that my beginnings were primitive when measured against today’s standards. I can remember as a small boy running barefooted through the woods, which were surrounding the small three room wood framed house, which sheltered my parents, my three older brothers and myself. That house lacked any indoor plumbing whatsoever, a pitcher pump as the only source for our fresh water and an out house to facilitate those other functions pertaining to the call life.

I must express my anticipation of further advancements in technology as the remedy for many of the ills of our society. Including the development and utilization of photovoltaic electrical sources and other renewable energy sources and Bioponic gardening, Aquaculture and Permaculture for the ability to feed the worlds growing population with wholesome and nutritious foods from a constant replenishing source!

I find it a more than a simple hobby performing exhaustive research, sorting the collective data, cataloguing the pertinent information and examining how this new found information compares to my current and previous core belief system and viewing the standards of others who have ventured on such a quest before me and searched theories from other perspectives.

While considering my writing as a notation of an adventurous journey, a reflection of experiences pertaining to my personal quest for a more honorable paradigm. A sensing of a personal satisfaction of participating in the expansion of consciousness and doing my part in eradicating the ignorance and apathy which hinders the advancement of mankind, while building a more peaceable environment in which to live.

I also ponder the novel possibility of my thoughts potentially bounding over time and space, having the ability of being read by others, those present and future generations. If properly recorded and preserved it has the ability to travel into the outer regions of unknown frontiers, where others may find the opportunity carry it in their travels.

So my utmost dignity and respect for those who choose to read the expressions of my mind, concerning life and the investigation of how we have arrived at this point of time and those who desire to join me gathering some more reasonable speculations of where we may be going,

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