Quality of Life

For a genuine quality life you must be true to yourself. Never allow the system to add their cosmetology to your actual being. Make no mistake about it, they are attempting to fit you forcibly into their system, using multiple layers of manipulative tactics of constant propaganda and coercion, every day of your life! These Self proclaimed Guardians desire to design you into an unconscious drone, a robotic automated being, in their system with their drivers and software, driven and directed by them. They are involved concerning every aspect of your life. This unnatural control over your thoughts and actions are of the utmost importance to them.

Have you ever wondered why we have had the Columbus discovered America drilled into us repeatedly? They made their little propagandist song about, “Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492”, and saturated you with it from the earliest age onward. It is for control one hundred percent control. Why is it necessary for them to have such a control over your life and for them to have dominion over you?

This is particularly important to them, as they do not have the abilities to function physically all over the world and they need you to display their representation, wherever you are and whatever you are doing! They have a warped sense of supremacy and claim where ever you step, they are stepping. Just as the Vatican claimed, whenever and wherever Columbus sailed and stepped and whatever he saw, they claimed to be the sovereign owner of , because they owned him and he was officially their representative!

These self-proclaimed governments are tools, they are masterminded by think tanks whose research affords them the opportunity to maximize their abilities as users and parasites, that will suck and drain every ounce of your life from you and discard you when they accomplish their goals.

They have drilled their ideas into your subconsciousness by a constant deluge of their information from your earliest days and your formative years. It is time to realize what their system is composed of and stop this process and take back your life! Awakening your unconscious self into a state of consciousness and begin allowing your conscience to be renewed as it was originally intended!

Finding our place in the stratum of society is often difficult, because we are hindered by foreign acts of supremacy and they have clogged our filters that we are not able to see reality. Ideals that were instilled into us by the sentiments and prejudice of our surrounding circumstance and hierarchy into a place of submission to them.

Thus, taking on their ideals and their wishes and becoming unknowingly their slave. A slave to do their bidding, to fight their wars, against those that oppose them. We have spent our years of becoming formed and molded by the expectations and ideals of these corporate governmental parasites! If we are not careful we will become of the same mind set as them! Many of their enforcers of their rules are walking around in society today, with costumes, badges and weapons, to insure your compliance. These people are slaves too! The politicians and the supposed authorities are merely puppets who are being rewarded with a pay check to do the dirty work of these parasitical corporate governments who are owned by the off shore stockholders of these corporations.

These governments create and promote our role models, we are placed and held in check where they want us and we are actually allowed very few options to be anything other than what they have allowed us to be. The leaders they provide are actually puppets, as they are also manipulated and indoctrinated by these manipulative corporate guardians who have placed themselves in authority over their entire invented system.
There will be more at another posting…. Respectfully

2 thoughts on “Quality of Life

  1. authentic being…..forcefully fit….which are driven….. just a few thoughts….I really do like your command of the English language. Refreshing indeed! Continued success…you’re on a very positive roll !!

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