Corporate Monopoly

The very thought of ultimate control is alarming,. It sends a variety of thoughts coursing through the imaginations of my mind. The results of what will be the ultimate impact upon the people of these societies and even the planet itself .

The most startling realization is that sociopaths are holding the reins of all of these multi national Corporations. A small group of collectivist who have gathered their monopolies of corporations together, controlling the commodities that are of necessity for our existence in our everyday life. Food and water come to mind first and foremost! GMO’s and mineral and water rights leading the way for my concerns.

It should be shocking to every individual everywhere on the planet how much control these people have already effected upon us! They have created governmental corporations to regulate every aspect of our lives. We can sit around and brainstorm with each other about the remedy or resolve of these matters but this driving force of collectivism continues a slow but gradual push towards total control of this planet and its population!

The things that you and I harmoniously agree are solutions, will not occur or even be considered by them, because things are going forth according to their plan, they have a working mission statement and the ability to further their agenda! They own all of the governments, the media, the regulatory regimes, in bringing us into a false sense of dependency upon them! They promote their propaganda through educational and media channels allowing no exceptions for rebuttal!

These people are not above using their own domestic terrorism and fear tactics to maintain their control in whatever context and fashion it requires to meet their goals and a profitable bottom line. Anything + Governmental Control, will not cure even one of the evils of this world. As long as such Control is in their power! As long as they have the ability to lobby and buy legislation to further their cause. Our hands are tied and our desires and ideals seem worthless and hopeless.

Their supreme agenda is to control our very thoughts… Sociopaths do not want other people to think for themselves, as it is dangerous to them and their Agenda. We have a lot of raves right now about gun control and such, as if that would make a difference… Control simply gives these sociopaths their liberty to maintain us in slavery and dependence upon them and their corporations.

If you think control or prohibition solves any problems, just have a quick look at history, and see the results of life with Alcohol Prohibition… you have to look at the underlying reasons for those prohibitions… Alcohol Prohibition was Legally prohibiting the manufacture, storage, transportation and sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages.
It seems women got together and formed a temperance union and prohibited their men from having the occasion to drink alcoholic beverages. Thus we were taught about the Temperance Movement… Where a gang of women got together with their axes and chopped up barrels of alcoholic beverages! Because of the evils of drinking those beverages… do you remember being taught that crap in school! In actuality i see it from a different perspective.

It served its purpose for the Petroleum and Chemical Corporations to get rid of the distilleries which could produce alcohol, because alcohol could be used as fuel… once that was eliminated and the Oil Barons felt comfortable with their control of the situation and having it taxed so that gasoline was cheaper, then they allowed it back into society! In actuality, Prohibition of Alcohol kept this country dependent upon Oil, which in those times was considered as Black Gold. It is so obvious, seeing the influence of those Petroleum and Chemical Corporations and their ploy behind the control and who is actually doing the controlling and their motives!

They used propaganda, generated the societal groups for health concerns and such as government needing to control the making of Alcohol, because somebody died from getting a hold of some bad whiskey and today those very same special interest groups do the same thing concerning marijuana and hemp. Natural plants of the same family.

For the simple fact that the medicinal qualities marijuana would all but eliminate their need for their medical monopoly and people wouldn’t need all of their pharmaceuticals. Hemp is a renewable resource that has so many valuable industrial uses… Hemp… Simply isn’t a substance used for a recreational high, unless it’s the high from being out from under the control of the Big Corporations.
Control on every level is sinister and serves these Collectivist Corporations to monopolize and manipulate the inhabitants of this planet and it resources and that is alarming to me. Think about these things and apply these principles to any control agenda that you will… It all boils down to them being in control and that is the monopoly that’s really concerning to me!

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