Questionable Authority

Who would possibly conceive that they personally have authority over which questions can be asked and which ones are Taboo?

If I have questions about Official Reports or about Questionable Historical Occurrences, shouldn’t I have the ability to ask, without being punished, imprisoned or being ostracized by being labeled a domestic terrorist?

I live in a country which for all of my life, advertised with state of the art propagandist tools, such as all forms of media and an educational system, that I had freedom of speech.

To speak openly and honestly about my concerns pertaining all aspects of life. I was assured that the War for Independence and the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights afforded me to clearly and definitively speak my mind!

Being punished for such expression was relegated to third world countries and countries with dictators ruling their people with an iron fist! We have seen most recently people being banned from speaking their minds in public and at events where the people that could give an answer to these questions were making themselves available to the public and giving speeches! But the inquiring people are told it is not the time or place for such questions and they should just simply hush and go home or suffer the consequences through assault and arresting procedures of being incarcerated.

The self proclaimed Guardians of our society have made their statutes and policies to disallow questions of the sincere people who are realizing that decisions made effecting this society are not for the welfare of the people, but are decisions made on behalf of the very people who have assumed the position of creating these absurd policies and statutes!

All the while these people hole up in secret meetings, carrying on with their secret agendas, agendas which effect the very essence of our lives. Yet we aren’t allowed to question them, concerning any of these decisions, that they themselves have positioned themselves to make!

Secret agendas developed in obscurity while hidden away from any form of transparency, where we might have the ability to voice our concern over issues which seem to stem from funding by special interest groups!

By simple means I have noticed that this entire regime which governs our society is a self contained vehicle of special interest groups to force their own profitable ventures ahead of any public concern. These people place themselves above any standards of public decency, and then outlaw questions which demands an answer for their nefarious acts! I consider this as criminal activity, just the same as armed robbery and assault!

I am going to ask my questions, it is my individual responsibility to ask them, their statutes and policies are of little concern to me! I simply desire to ask them why they are so foolish to believe that they are better than the balance of the populous! There are many serious questions needing answers to have the ability to get to the resolve of what ails our society and the misuse of the trust afforded to them by the people of this society!

It is my desire to keep these postings brief. The topics which I desire answers to, will come on later postings. This posting is just the simple ground work for my future endeavors of posting my concerns! I appreciate any feed back, and any questions that we can explore in future postings!


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