The Individuals versus The Guardians

Observing the spectrum of society with the perspective of a simple man, considering myself an investigative scientist, realizing my mind consist of wanting to know my environment and to know it as thoroughly as I possibly can and as practically as I can, while being under the constraints of a minimal budget. My research and studies are focused upon discovering ways of conveying my thoughts and my experiences of these studies into my writings. Settling for nothing less than a scientific process of analyzing facts and evidence that demonstrate themselves as self evident, scientia.

Currently, my studies are leading me to places where I can see a wider spectrum with greater clarity and definition that there are individual people and even families who are collectivist and have gathered together in a corporate scenario, to schematically control the population of the world, to gather to themselves the authority to dictate their beliefs to the inhabitants of this planet with coercion and militant forcefulness!

I call them ‘The Guardians’, as they have self appointed themselves and purport their beliefs that this planet needs them and their system to control the planet and its population with a greater efficiency than any other group of individuals!

As ,“iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another“, I prefer to sharpen myself so to speak, but I am relegating myself to hear , read and observe things from others, but the burden of exacting due diligence and maintaining credibility rests completely and absolutely upon me!

As I began my journey in this life I can’t recall any cognizant recollection of occurrences before my earliest memories! Thus it seems self evident to me that those times, are not in my retrievable memory… so I must entertain the thoughts and interpretations of those who were there, while determining if indeed their perspective of the events are conducive to reality. I try to retain all of this information for study and keep it retrievable on demand, when it is rightfully needed and discard anything that is not verifiable and evidential. I am also guided by these same principles concerning geographical information as the limitations are both dealing with time and space

I know for practical intents and purposes that I read or hear something that has a spark of recognition and resonance to me and I become aware and catalog it with the other existing data which I have acquired and it becomes a standard rule of judgment as I evaluate new information. Sometimes it seems so sound and plausible it becomes as though I had known it… all along!

I see a battle for the planet simplified in it lowest common denominator, as being between these Guardians and The Individual. As I see it we individuals must band together in an orchestrated manner for any hope of countering this powerful force which is designed and settled into society like a metastasized cancer!

We will communicate more concerning this and other issues, concerning ways of possibly resolving this situation in future… postings!

Shaken and Stirred

Pete Frontpage Unguarded  Occasionally, at various periods of my life, the idea of writing for public consumption had entered my mind. Before computers and word processors were readily available, I had most often written my thoughts, concerns and distresses, in note books, scraps of paper and even on napkins. It seemed to be my way of dissecting and comprehending my own thoughts, all the while keeping tabs on myself and my progression of thinking, not really considering it as journalism or keeping a diary, but a simple point of contact for me to read at a later time, an observance seeing where my personal guidance system was taking me.

Examining and dabbling in creative writing methods and techniques over the years, had reassured me, that I was lacking in the abilities and skills needed to approach this serious venture of compiling and making a proper presentation for a book! I did write a few articles and send them into magazines but of course they were never published, and I’m extremely glad that they were not! I can’t even remember the articles or the magazines, I suppose it wasn’t extremely important.

Reflecting back through time, I am glad that I have never completed a worthwhile composition, much less a book and have my thoughts published; most especially if it pertained to society and social structure. My past naivety concerning the system, either politically or religiously, has been deficient and now in this present time my perspective has made a radical turn, a completely diametric position, 180 degree evasive maneuver from my earlier beliefs. I am so thankful that My younger self wasn’t allowed to become an embarrassment, in my more mature days!

In the foolishness of my youth and naivety, I believed in a god and believed the bible was an instruction for living properly and prosperously. I felt a ‘calling’ to study and to prepare myself and to propagate those beliefs with a heartfelt sincerity with the ‘helping’ of others to find their way to the same!

As for Government I was a genuine statist , believing I was a patriot who would give himself for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and having pride of being a citizen of a great and noble country!

I look back at myself and chuckle, the fact that I was deceived with such foolish notions and vain imaginations!

A few years back, just after turning 50 years of age, I found some of those papers and notes, (written in my 30’s and 40’s),in storage with some other artifacts that It had seemed important to save… needless to say it depressed me, and I built a fire and I burned them, for I actually felt ashamed for being deceived! The fact is upon my discovery of certain disturbing facts, my mind was shaken and my emotions stirred, almost to a boiling point of anger. This anger would stay with me for days, festering into a hatred for the people who would commit such atrocities and through acquiescence I had actually condoned such activities.

These were people I had trusted. I had placed my confidence in them. They had been so clever to deceive me and multitudes of other people. I could just imagine them laughing uncontrollably at how they had succored me into believing and supporting them with my sincerest allegiance and honorable intentions.

Then the anger turned inward, to myself. How could I allow this to have happened? How could I have been so gullible and blinded? How could I be so ignorant? I perceived that some of the anger, when weighed out was laid on my ignorance, and I was angry with myself. That ignorance that I felt, stemmed from being pierced and wounded deep inside my mind, an overload of damning information causing havoc with my innermost emotions. I had been tricked by the hucksters, the charlatans, the confidence men that I had remembered hearing about. I thought of myself as the gullible people who were led to The old covered wagon, the one with the side show and sold the medicinal snake oil, which was worthless and instead of a remedy it made me deathly ill!

Growing into a more definitive layer of expanded consciousness and an escalation of psychological maturity. I have initiated a checks and balance system within myself, seeing if there is in fact the cognitive stamina, along with the natural and acquired skills needed to accomplish such a venture, as writing a book! It seems the wisest thing to do is compile a few essays, get some healthy critique and formidable scrutiny!

I don’t know if I can handle it, but, I will never know unless I make the attempt!