Developing our Quest

The definition of the word question is based on the its root word ‘quest’. Quest as well as Its sister word ‘query’ comes from the Latin base of quaerere, ‘to seek, look for or desire’.

From my perspective and opinion, In the core of our being lies an inert hunger and/or thirst which desires to know reality and is earnestly seeking to trek past the illusions which limit our universal and personal creativity.

There is, as well as it should be, a natural prompting for humans to question everything that we have ever been taught. A constant weeding out of false concepts and principles which hinder our natural inherent life, the real life force which energizes us into imagining and performing the basic creative functions of this life.

We are naturally inquisitive. The small children growing into their consciousness, ask questions, in their toddler stage it seems to begin. Even from birth the flailing of the arms and legs are reaching out and pursuing their expanding consciousness and a grasp for more.

After discovering their face, toes and everything within their limited perimeters and short time of struggling with the primary stages of walking,talking and discovering their belly button, their interaction escalates on a wider magnitude. A commencement and an incessant journey begins. Their verbal questioning covering most everything that occurs through out an average day.  These youngsters ask their questions and many times these questions are just slothed off by us advanced beings, their guardians and keepers, because it seems so trivial. Although it may seem trivial to us, there is nothing unimportant about these inquiries as we don’t realize the perimeter which they are setting for the long haul of the journey of their personal quest!

How many times were we guilty of ignoring the questions or making up silly answers, because we were so busy with the mundane things of our lives and assumed the thought these small peoples questions were foolish and sometimes because, we didn’t have the answers and we couldn’t or didn’t want to expend the energy and time to look it up?

We are responsible for the total welfare of these children, our progeny and we should be humbling ourselves and seeking the answers with them. Not all, if any of their questions are irrelevant or foolish. Perhaps we have been the foolish ones, who were too busy or lazy to assist them in their expansion of consciousness!

It is obvious to me, that this type of situation is how many myths and foolish superstitions have been ingrained into our society. People who honestly don’t have the answers, just make something up, to appease these young inquisitive minds!

Choosing a path, a quest for reality is a difficult one, as this constant and continuous demand for adapting to change is a perpetual deconstruction and construction process, ripping up the old foundations of half truths and fables which seeds were planted into our minds at such an early time of development!

I am on a quest myself and I harbor no ill will towards those who allowed me to be sequestered, conditioned and programmed mercilessly by a system of avarice and manipulation. I know now, that I must continue my quest for knowledge and reality. I must unleash myself from the restraints which have kept me enslaved to a system of slavery!

Hopefully, I can assist the new generation to pursue an instruction of their own design by suggesting to them that they question everything and everybody and seek peace and harmony for mankind and that anything that doesn’t follow that pursuit should be culled out and eliminated from their character and being!
Respectfully submitted, As always, I reserve the creative right to make adjustments as necessary!

Social Media

Social media, You can knock them if you will, but, I see it as an important personal growth meter, as a fact! Let me explain my reasoning for this perspective… and also passing along a note of encouragement!

While journeying back and reflecting through my Facebook Page I arrived at 2009, to the time when I signed up for my account. I was simply perusing the comments and statements I’d previously posted and as I was reading them now, all I could do was simply and humbly shake my head, with a smile of amazement, at my personal mental growth.

With careful observance of the mind changing process and its intrinsic workings… while going through each section 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and acknowledging to myself how much more, my thinking process has advanced and how it is leading me into a keener clarification of my awareness of the illusion. This reasoning process which is continually positioning me and giving a positive confirmation of my decision in choosing to break away from the negative and non productive and even dangerous system, which I now see as the enemy of life and creative freedom!

If this personal experience has led me to share one thing, it is to encourage others to keep continually questioning and examining everything, everything that you have ever learned, thought and believed to be true! Examine it well!

Just keep and maintain a ‘becoming aware’ attitude, keep your eyes, ears and your mind open, observing occurrences and situations, have a continuity of thinking things through from all sides and making your evaluations according to your good sense and meditate on having a sincere conscience for discernment…

Always remember, It is OK to change your mind… as you grow, things that you previously learned to be the truth will fall away as unnecessary and useless, becoming cataloged as the foolishness which it was!

I encourage you to use due diligence in everything you choose to pursue. The universe is yours to explore….

The Legacy of a Paradigm

A wise individual will try building an honorable legacy. Securing that legacy and placing it into the hands of others who will respect it and cherish it… This purpose is mostly why I am launching my writing career at 60 years of age. Leaving a paradigm of a free thinker to my progeny might be the only thing I have to give.

But, I must say it is exciting at my age to venture into such an endeavor and bringing a new sense of being into my life. The undertaking of such a challenge, of taking an opportunity to research and clarify my personal paradigm has a peculiarity to it. I enjoy the exhaustive searching and researching, delving into such a wide variety of subjects that are proving to be a necessity for balancing my perspectives.

Making my attempt of fitting my perspectives as neatly as possible, into a harmonious composition for a realistic prototype of life. It is causing a rejuvenating effect to my mind and in all actuality adds a more passionate sense of purpose into my life. I’ve enjoyed allowing my consciousness to run wild with free thinking and expanding my life in multiple ways, reaching far beyond my previous comprehension levels.

While in the process of writing, I’m growing adept to sifting through a tremendous amount of the information from a wide variety of available resources. Reasonably culling out any sources which lead to dead ends and subjectively eliminating those sources and theories which are lacking proper evidence or lacking acceptable authenticity and are merely hyperbole or embellishments for sensationalism to generate an audience, while sacrificing the truth.

Being thankful for the personal computer and most especially the internet! In my opinion the World Wide Web is undoubtedly the single most technological advancement, for extending the current expansion of consciousness, for the benefit of mankind! Considering that my beginnings were primitive when measured against today’s standards. I can remember as a small boy running barefooted through the woods, which were surrounding the small three room wood framed house, which sheltered my parents, my three older brothers and myself. That house lacked any indoor plumbing whatsoever, a pitcher pump as the only source for our fresh water and an out house to facilitate those other functions pertaining to the call life.

I must express my anticipation of further advancements in technology as the remedy for many of the ills of our society. Including the development and utilization of photovoltaic electrical sources and other renewable energy sources and Bioponic gardening, Aquaculture and Permaculture for the ability to feed the worlds growing population with wholesome and nutritious foods from a constant replenishing source!

I find it a more than a simple hobby performing exhaustive research, sorting the collective data, cataloguing the pertinent information and examining how this new found information compares to my current and previous core belief system and viewing the standards of others who have ventured on such a quest before me and searched theories from other perspectives.

While considering my writing as a notation of an adventurous journey, a reflection of experiences pertaining to my personal quest for a more honorable paradigm. A sensing of a personal satisfaction of participating in the expansion of consciousness and doing my part in eradicating the ignorance and apathy which hinders the advancement of mankind, while building a more peaceable environment in which to live.

I also ponder the novel possibility of my thoughts potentially bounding over time and space, having the ability of being read by others, those present and future generations. If properly recorded and preserved it has the ability to travel into the outer regions of unknown frontiers, where others may find the opportunity carry it in their travels.

So my utmost dignity and respect for those who choose to read the expressions of my mind, concerning life and the investigation of how we have arrived at this point of time and those who desire to join me gathering some more reasonable speculations of where we may be going,

Quality of Life

For a genuine quality life you must be true to yourself. Never allow the system to add their cosmetology to your actual being. Make no mistake about it, they are attempting to fit you forcibly into their system, using multiple layers of manipulative tactics of constant propaganda and coercion, every day of your life! These Self proclaimed Guardians desire to design you into an unconscious drone, a robotic automated being, in their system with their drivers and software, driven and directed by them. They are involved concerning every aspect of your life. This unnatural control over your thoughts and actions are of the utmost importance to them.

Have you ever wondered why we have had the Columbus discovered America drilled into us repeatedly? They made their little propagandist song about, “Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492”, and saturated you with it from the earliest age onward. It is for control one hundred percent control. Why is it necessary for them to have such a control over your life and for them to have dominion over you?

This is particularly important to them, as they do not have the abilities to function physically all over the world and they need you to display their representation, wherever you are and whatever you are doing! They have a warped sense of supremacy and claim where ever you step, they are stepping. Just as the Vatican claimed, whenever and wherever Columbus sailed and stepped and whatever he saw, they claimed to be the sovereign owner of , because they owned him and he was officially their representative!

These self-proclaimed governments are tools, they are masterminded by think tanks whose research affords them the opportunity to maximize their abilities as users and parasites, that will suck and drain every ounce of your life from you and discard you when they accomplish their goals.

They have drilled their ideas into your subconsciousness by a constant deluge of their information from your earliest days and your formative years. It is time to realize what their system is composed of and stop this process and take back your life! Awakening your unconscious self into a state of consciousness and begin allowing your conscience to be renewed as it was originally intended!

Finding our place in the stratum of society is often difficult, because we are hindered by foreign acts of supremacy and they have clogged our filters that we are not able to see reality. Ideals that were instilled into us by the sentiments and prejudice of our surrounding circumstance and hierarchy into a place of submission to them.

Thus, taking on their ideals and their wishes and becoming unknowingly their slave. A slave to do their bidding, to fight their wars, against those that oppose them. We have spent our years of becoming formed and molded by the expectations and ideals of these corporate governmental parasites! If we are not careful we will become of the same mind set as them! Many of their enforcers of their rules are walking around in society today, with costumes, badges and weapons, to insure your compliance. These people are slaves too! The politicians and the supposed authorities are merely puppets who are being rewarded with a pay check to do the dirty work of these parasitical corporate governments who are owned by the off shore stockholders of these corporations.

These governments create and promote our role models, we are placed and held in check where they want us and we are actually allowed very few options to be anything other than what they have allowed us to be. The leaders they provide are actually puppets, as they are also manipulated and indoctrinated by these manipulative corporate guardians who have placed themselves in authority over their entire invented system.
There will be more at another posting…. Respectfully

Corporate Monopoly

The very thought of ultimate control is alarming,. It sends a variety of thoughts coursing through the imaginations of my mind. The results of what will be the ultimate impact upon the people of these societies and even the planet itself .

The most startling realization is that sociopaths are holding the reins of all of these multi national Corporations. A small group of collectivist who have gathered their monopolies of corporations together, controlling the commodities that are of necessity for our existence in our everyday life. Food and water come to mind first and foremost! GMO’s and mineral and water rights leading the way for my concerns.

It should be shocking to every individual everywhere on the planet how much control these people have already effected upon us! They have created governmental corporations to regulate every aspect of our lives. We can sit around and brainstorm with each other about the remedy or resolve of these matters but this driving force of collectivism continues a slow but gradual push towards total control of this planet and its population!

The things that you and I harmoniously agree are solutions, will not occur or even be considered by them, because things are going forth according to their plan, they have a working mission statement and the ability to further their agenda! They own all of the governments, the media, the regulatory regimes, in bringing us into a false sense of dependency upon them! They promote their propaganda through educational and media channels allowing no exceptions for rebuttal!

These people are not above using their own domestic terrorism and fear tactics to maintain their control in whatever context and fashion it requires to meet their goals and a profitable bottom line. Anything + Governmental Control, will not cure even one of the evils of this world. As long as such Control is in their power! As long as they have the ability to lobby and buy legislation to further their cause. Our hands are tied and our desires and ideals seem worthless and hopeless.

Their supreme agenda is to control our very thoughts… Sociopaths do not want other people to think for themselves, as it is dangerous to them and their Agenda. We have a lot of raves right now about gun control and such, as if that would make a difference… Control simply gives these sociopaths their liberty to maintain us in slavery and dependence upon them and their corporations.

If you think control or prohibition solves any problems, just have a quick look at history, and see the results of life with Alcohol Prohibition… you have to look at the underlying reasons for those prohibitions… Alcohol Prohibition was Legally prohibiting the manufacture, storage, transportation and sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages.
It seems women got together and formed a temperance union and prohibited their men from having the occasion to drink alcoholic beverages. Thus we were taught about the Temperance Movement… Where a gang of women got together with their axes and chopped up barrels of alcoholic beverages! Because of the evils of drinking those beverages… do you remember being taught that crap in school! In actuality i see it from a different perspective.

It served its purpose for the Petroleum and Chemical Corporations to get rid of the distilleries which could produce alcohol, because alcohol could be used as fuel… once that was eliminated and the Oil Barons felt comfortable with their control of the situation and having it taxed so that gasoline was cheaper, then they allowed it back into society! In actuality, Prohibition of Alcohol kept this country dependent upon Oil, which in those times was considered as Black Gold. It is so obvious, seeing the influence of those Petroleum and Chemical Corporations and their ploy behind the control and who is actually doing the controlling and their motives!

They used propaganda, generated the societal groups for health concerns and such as government needing to control the making of Alcohol, because somebody died from getting a hold of some bad whiskey and today those very same special interest groups do the same thing concerning marijuana and hemp. Natural plants of the same family.

For the simple fact that the medicinal qualities marijuana would all but eliminate their need for their medical monopoly and people wouldn’t need all of their pharmaceuticals. Hemp is a renewable resource that has so many valuable industrial uses… Hemp… Simply isn’t a substance used for a recreational high, unless it’s the high from being out from under the control of the Big Corporations.
Control on every level is sinister and serves these Collectivist Corporations to monopolize and manipulate the inhabitants of this planet and it resources and that is alarming to me. Think about these things and apply these principles to any control agenda that you will… It all boils down to them being in control and that is the monopoly that’s really concerning to me!

Questionable Authority

Who would possibly conceive that they personally have authority over which questions can be asked and which ones are Taboo?

If I have questions about Official Reports or about Questionable Historical Occurrences, shouldn’t I have the ability to ask, without being punished, imprisoned or being ostracized by being labeled a domestic terrorist?

I live in a country which for all of my life, advertised with state of the art propagandist tools, such as all forms of media and an educational system, that I had freedom of speech.

To speak openly and honestly about my concerns pertaining all aspects of life. I was assured that the War for Independence and the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights afforded me to clearly and definitively speak my mind!

Being punished for such expression was relegated to third world countries and countries with dictators ruling their people with an iron fist! We have seen most recently people being banned from speaking their minds in public and at events where the people that could give an answer to these questions were making themselves available to the public and giving speeches! But the inquiring people are told it is not the time or place for such questions and they should just simply hush and go home or suffer the consequences through assault and arresting procedures of being incarcerated.

The self proclaimed Guardians of our society have made their statutes and policies to disallow questions of the sincere people who are realizing that decisions made effecting this society are not for the welfare of the people, but are decisions made on behalf of the very people who have assumed the position of creating these absurd policies and statutes!

All the while these people hole up in secret meetings, carrying on with their secret agendas, agendas which effect the very essence of our lives. Yet we aren’t allowed to question them, concerning any of these decisions, that they themselves have positioned themselves to make!

Secret agendas developed in obscurity while hidden away from any form of transparency, where we might have the ability to voice our concern over issues which seem to stem from funding by special interest groups!

By simple means I have noticed that this entire regime which governs our society is a self contained vehicle of special interest groups to force their own profitable ventures ahead of any public concern. These people place themselves above any standards of public decency, and then outlaw questions which demands an answer for their nefarious acts! I consider this as criminal activity, just the same as armed robbery and assault!

I am going to ask my questions, it is my individual responsibility to ask them, their statutes and policies are of little concern to me! I simply desire to ask them why they are so foolish to believe that they are better than the balance of the populous! There are many serious questions needing answers to have the ability to get to the resolve of what ails our society and the misuse of the trust afforded to them by the people of this society!

It is my desire to keep these postings brief. The topics which I desire answers to, will come on later postings. This posting is just the simple ground work for my future endeavors of posting my concerns! I appreciate any feed back, and any questions that we can explore in future postings!